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Mobile Wallet Market: Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2015 – 2020 Overview

Increasing use of internet network all over the world coupled with advancements in this network such as 3G and 4G are the major factors driving the global mobile wallet market. Mobile wallet, also termed as electronic wallet, provides the reliability to the consumers to make payments and purchases electronically. Generally, mobile wallets provide the storage of credentials through cloud or on device, which can be later used to make payments. The electronic mobile wallet also provides the integration of coupons, cards and multiple tickets which reduces the hassle of keeping multiple cards. The rapidly increasing usage of smart phones is also a factor propelling the mobile wallet market. The continuous advancements in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and safe payment methods are the factors expected to further fuel the global mobile wallet market.

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The mobile wallet payment on the basis of transaction targets is divided into person to person (P2P) payment and customer to business (C2B) payment. On the basis of communication range, it is divided into remote payment and proximity payment. Proximity payment is a  contactless payment method where a user makes payment through short range communication technologies such as infrared, Bluetooth, RFID and Near Field Communication (NFC). Remote payment is the process where the user makes payment through mobile devices and operates back end system of mobile payment through communication networks. The increasing smartphone penetration, advancements in internet network and the rapid growth of internet based mobile applications are the major factors driving the mobile wallet remote payment market. The global mobile wallet market on the basis of application is segmented into grocery stores, restaurants, vending machines and public transportation. The retail application of mobile wallet is expected to witness lucrative growth. Various initiatives undertaken for the retail application of mobile wallet to provide easy payment options and POS devices to the retail stores using smart phones is the key factor driving the growth of mobile wallet market in retail application. It also stores and organizes the transaction receipts at a retailer. Moreover, Visa and MasterCard are taking various initiatives to install POS NFC payment terminal, new chip based cards and magnetic stripe wipes which are expected to propel the mobile wallet market over the forecast period. The vending machines segment is another significant area for the mobile wallet technology which is also expected to impact the growth of mobile wallet market in a positive way. The vending machines provide benefits such as flexible payment services and efficient brand recall value to the merchants as well as providers.

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Table of Contents            
Chapter 1 Executive Summary
1.1 Mobile Wallet- Industry Summary & Critical Success Factors (CSFs)

Chapter 2 Mobile Wallet Industry Outlook
2.1 Market Segmentation
2.2 Market Size and Growth Prospects
2.3 Mobile Wallet Value Chain Analysis
2.4 Mobile Wallet Market Dynamics
2.4.1 Key Driver Analysis Increasing smart phone penetration Advent of NFC technology
2.4.2 Key Restraint Analysis Security concerns High investment and deployment issues
2.5 Key Opportunities Prioritized
2.6 Industry Analysis - Porter's
2.7 Mobile Wallet - Key Company Analysis, 2013
2.8 Mobile Wallet - PESTEL Analysis

Chapter 3 Mobile Wallet Application Outlook
3.1 Grocery Stores
3.1.1 Demand in grocery stores, by region,, 2012 - 2020 (Million Users) (USD Billion)
3.2 Public Transportation
3.2.1 Demand in public transportation, by region, 2012 - 2020 (Million Users) (USD Billion)
3.3 Restaurants
3.3.1 Demand in restaurants, by region,, 2012 - 2020 (Million Users) (USD Billion)
3.4 Retail
3.4.1 Demand in retail, by region,, 2012 - 2020 (Million Users) (USD Billion)
3.5 Vending Machines
3.5.1 Demand in vending machines, by region,, 2012 - 2020 (Million Users) (USD Billion)

Chapter 4 Mobile Wallet Regional Outlook
4.1 North America
4.1.1 Mobile wallet market by application, 2012 - 2020 (Million Users) (USD Billion)
4.2 EMEA
4.2.1 Mobile wallet market by application, 2012 - 2020 (Million Users) (USD Billion)
4.3 Asia Pacific
4.3.1 Mobile wallet market by application, 2012 - 2020 (Million Users) (USD Billion)
4.4 Latin America
4.4.1 Mobile wallet market by application, 2012 - 2020 (Million Users) (USD Billion)

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Chapter 5 Mobile Wallet Competitive landscape
5.1 American Express Inc.
5.2 Apple Inc.
5.3 BlackBerry
5.4 First Data
5.5 Google
5.6 ISIS
5.7 MasterCard
5.8 PayPal Inc.
5.9 Samsung
5.10 Visa Inc.

Chapter 6 Methodology and Scope
6.1 Research Methodology
6.2 Research Scope & Assumption
6.3 List of Data Sources

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