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Wearable Technology Market: Market product specification, manufacturing process, cost structure etc.

Industry Insight
Wearable electronic devices are integrated with highly developed electronic technologies attached or worn to the human body allowing mobile computing and wireless networking. They work simultaneously with human actions and are connected to smart applications in a network. This technology has possible for growth as it makes daily tasks easier and enhances customer experience. Increased popularity of numerous applications served such as advertising, infotainment, running (navigation) and cycling, surgery, label reader, telemedicine, accessing patient records, project planning, sports brain, remote patient monitoring and among others. The use of cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) is also anticipated to enhance the market growth. These technologies are used for remote track incidents like mountain expeditions, natural disasters, etc. Lack of privacy and high costs are some of the factors that restrain market growth.

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Product Insights
Depending on the body parts and wearable technology, the market is segmented into finger & wrist wear, body wear, eye wear, neck wear, foot wear and others. The devices under finger & wrist wear segment are smart watches smart rings and wrist bands among others. These devices are able of tracking the patient’s heart rate, activity level, sleep pattern, calories burned, and they are integrated with smart phones where patient can receive and make phone calls. The eye wear category includes devices such as eye tap, smart glasses, and contact lenses among others. Eye taps are fitted with camera that records the sight available and superimposes the original scene. Smart glasses help user in tracking distance, translation, sending messages, navigation, taking videos and pictures and many other functions.

Application Insights
Medical and Healthcare applications are facilitated by devices such as insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring, blood pressure monitors, hearing aids and ECG monitors among others. Wearable technology is broadly used in industrial applications such as enterprise applications, warehouse & packaging, and logistics applications. In military applications, heads-up display, smart clothing and hand-worn terminals, offer effective utility.

Regional Insights
North is expected to grow considerably over the forecasted period owing to technological developments in this region. Asia Pacific accounts for the major market share due to increasing investments in communication technologies and technological developments in Korea, China and Japan. Less production cost in China and India is estimated to enhance market demand in APAC region. The U.K and Germany lead the market in Europe owing to increasing demand of wearable technology.

Competitive Insights
The key market players in the wearable technology include BodyMedia, Adidas AG, Fitbit, Timex Group USA Inc., Jawbone, Oregon Scientific and Nike IncBeurer among others. Major players in the infotainment sector include Sony Corp., Samsung, LG Corp., Motorola, Qualcomm, Google Inc., Martian, Pebble and GoPro among others. Major players in the medical & health sector include Dexcom, Medtronic, Cardionet, Alive Technologies, Abbot and LifeWatch among others.

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Table of Contents            
Chapter 1. Executive Summary
1.1. Wearable Technology - Industry Summary and Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
Chapter 2. Wearable Technology Industry Outlook
2.1. Market Segmentation
2.2. Market Size and Growth Prospects
2.3. Wearable Technology Value Chain Analysis
2.4. Wearable Technology Market Dynamics
2.5. Key Opportunities Prioritized
2.6. Industry Analysis - Porter's
2.7. Wearable Technology - Company Market Share Analysis, 2013
2.8. Wearable Technology Market PESTEL Analysis, 2013

Chapter 3. Wearable Technology Product Outlook
3.1. Wrist and Finger Wear
3.2. -Eye Wear
3.3. Foot Wear
3.4. Neck Wear
3.5. Body Wear
3.6. Others

Chapter 4. Wearable Technology Application Outlook
4.1. Consumer
4.2. Healthcare and Medical
4.3. Industrial
4.4. Military
4.5. Others

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Chapter 5. Wearable Technology Regional Outlook
5.1. North America
5.2. Europe
5.3. Asia Pacific
Chapter 6 Competitive landscape
6.1 Adidas AG
6.2 Fitbit
6.3 Google Inc.
6.4 LG Corp.
6.5 Medtronic
6.6 Microsoft
6.7 MicroVision
6.8 Motorola
6.9 Nike Inc.
6.10 Oregon Scientific
6.11 Pebble
6.12 Qualcomm
6.13 Samsung
6.14 SAP
6.15 Sony Corp.

Chapter 7. Methodology and Scope
7.1. Research Methodology
7.2. Research Scope & Assumption
7.3. List of Data Sources
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